ACT SAT prep classes

Enrich Grades is a non-profit organization with a goal to provide quality ACT SAT prep classes. Most noteworthy, we have designed our training approach based on the Six Sigma (Zero defect) methodology. Furthermore, we guarantee a 1450+ score on the SAT or a 32+ score on the ACT.

About the class

We offer both, in-person and online classes. Each session is 12 weeks long. The class features 64 hours of instructor lead sessions.  Also, students engage in 20 hours of review. In addition, students practice a minimum of 44 hours of full-length tests. Furthermore, each student spends a minimum of 120 hours or 12 hours per week on homework. Moreover, the class features an online portal for self-paced improvement. Most importantly, each student follows a different growth path. Consequently, the training program optimizes the students.

Learning Portal

Additionaly, the online Learning portal enables the review of the lectures. Also, focussed learning enables improving module-specific knowledge. Furthermore, students can optimized pacing by leveraging automated timed practiced tests. Moreover, the portal enables the review of practice test solutions. Notably, the portal accessibility is 24×7. Consequently, each individual benefits from a unique learning path.  Furthermore, the students retain access to the learning portal for one year after they complete a class.

Our Instructors

We have highly trained instructors who teach the ACT SAT Prep classes. Also, the instructors have more than ten years of teaching experience. Besides, we constantly work on improving our approach. As a result, we ensure that each student can reach their maximum potential. Additionally, students have easy access to instructors.  Over and above, alternative solutions are discussed during the periodic review sessions. Further, the review sessions help reduce student mistakes.

Who should Attend

ACT SAT prep classes are ideal for high school students (9th through 12th).


In order to register for a class, please use the registration below and complete the check-out process.

General Information

The in-person classes are currently offered in Canton, MI during the summer. We conduct the classes in partnership with Think4SAT. The collaboration provides maximum benefit to our students. In addition, the partnership enables optimal communication with the guardians.   If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us at (734) 306-6362.